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Mountain Biking

During just the past few years the development and success of the mountain bike has created a new kind of biking, one which has experienced an explosion of popularity. A mountain bike is capable of negotiating much rougher trails than a conventional bicycle. Not all mountain bikes are used in wild places, but considerable numbers of people are now heading for parks and wilderness areas with mountain bikes to experience the rewards and challenges of riding on wild terrain.

There are still very few trails designed and marked specifically for mountain biking, but because of demand this is likely to change very rapidly. Currently mountain bikes are allowed on hiking trails in some areas, but many parks now forbid this practice, permitting bikes, however, on other paths and old roads. Most National Parks restrict bike use to regular roads.

Mountain bikes do have a considerable impact on the trail environment, especially when it’s muddy or where there’s easily-erodable soil, or in areas of fragile vegetation. Bikers should be fully aware of that fact. Refrain from riding on inappropriate trails or in vulnerable areas. It’s also essential to ride at safe speeds, especially on multi-use trails, to avoid the possibility of colliding with hikers, horseback riders, or other mountain bikers.

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1676 Nathaniel Bacon leads a rebellion of backwoods Virginia farmers, along with their women, servants, and slaves. San Diego Subway Map Frustrated in their efforts to attain land and provide for their families, Bacon’s army defeats Governor Berkeley’s militia and burns down Jamestown. Bacon’s sudden death from illness, however, contributes to the eventual defeat of this rebellion. Wealthier men set about passing laws that sharply restrict the ability of the landless, women, servants, and slaves to challenge propertied authority, even making gossip a crime. This may have been because spreading rumors was one of the colonial woman’s primary means of having a political impact. Bacon’s Rebellion might be seen as a conflict made of different ideas about gender. An eastern Virginia man had to have property, wealth, and the obedience of his social inferiors, all of which he secured through laws. The western Virginia man respected few authorities outside of his own family, whose honor he protected through independent action and violence when necessary.

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