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Lying thirteen miles from the Pacific Ocean, the vineyard grows Malawi Map Tourist Attractions at elevations ranging between 1,200 and 1,800 feet. Farming practices include the use Malawi Map Tourist Attractions of nitrogen-fixing cover crops between rows and biodynamic preparations for healthy soil. In 2012, shortly after Stewart and Lynda Resnick purchased the winery, new Cabernet Sauvignon vines were planted around the tasting room In front of the tasting room, black walnut trees shade a pet-friendly picnic area complete with redwood tables, leash tethers, and water bowls.

Low walls of local stone define a small demonstration vineyard, and a shaded portico encircles an English garden maze boasting a fountain, roses, and manicured boxwood hedges. On a sheltered patio, visitors can order lunch on Saturdays from the winery’s restaurant. Gourmet dinners are served in an intimate dining area off the tasting room lobby, where staff members welcome guests wishing to dine or taste wine.

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