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Contemporary cities are undergoing significant transformations and growth, and new frameworks are required in order to understand these changes: new more flexible understandings of place (Massey 1994) and global/local relationships (Robertson 1992). The concept of St Petersburg cities’ also requires reconsideration to take account of their different lineages and different histories, particularly in light of the different characteristics of cities in the regions of Asia-Pacific and Europe, from which this blog draws its material and finds its critical edge. Cities that were based previously on manufacturing are characterized now by informational, service and creative industries.

It could be said that where they were once grey and bleak, filled with factories and dark smoke stacks, they become vibrant and alive with colourful communities. However, this description may be too simplistic for it can be said also that where they were once alive with local culture, they become globally repetitive, sterile and one-dimensional. Furthermore, in lieu of factory smoke, escalating forms of environmental pollution by way of plastic and polystyrene, the by-products of the new creative cultures, increasingly mar the edges of idealistic dreams of progress or betterment.

See Massachusetts General Court. Great League of Peace and Power St Petersburg Subway Map . Another name for the Iroquois Confederation. Great Migration. A large-scale immigration between 1630 St Petersburg Subway Map and 1640, when roughly 10,000 Puritans settled in the Massachusetts Bay Colony. Great Negro Plot of 1741.

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