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Lawrence River, which was formerly called Florida, when separate Irving Subway Map names were not yet given to its coasts. That was done about the year 1584. Captain Irving Subway Map De la Ware, under the hand of the English Admiral James Chartiers, was the first who discovered the bay in which the Indian river Poutaxat debouched, and gave his name, Delaware, to both the river and the bay, in the year 1600. These countries were repeatedly visited by the English: first by those sent out by Sir Walter Raleigh from Bristol, in the year 1603, and afterwards by Sir G. Popham and Captain James Davis, but little more was accomplished than that they learned to know the people, erected me small places and forts, which, however, were soon destroyed by the savages. In the year 1606 body of emigrants was sent to the northern regions, by two companies, called the London and the Bristol Companies.

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