Hey everybody it is Saturday, and as we promised you in week we are heading up to Whistler which should be fun. So we’ve just got like this in bus which is gonna take us up there drop us off, and we’re gonna go walk around it’ll be a fun day we’re Stu Stu Stu Stu Ventura we just stopped up this place called Porto Rico apparently some people come out here to do some 10:00.


So beautiful on coffee yes there’s the coffee table Oh coffee shops coffee stop should be the first stop of the day all right last to the bosses always boys I just got to Whistler guys, and it’s different which is cool cause it’s like snow is there at least no like right at the top of Mount hmm. So there’s like change the ski slopes to mountain bike you think you’ve got enough onion them all we’re off to find a lake yeah like we’ve been to before we didn’t know what to do we have four hours here we kind of just got dropped off yeah like the good hikes you need a car to get twos, and walked around the village we saw like all this stuff grabbed a potty hold now we just want to see some nature like that Lost Lake was beautiful soon as we go check it out for our new viewers pretty sure he gave me the Cameron told me to tell them what I were doing it was just to pause I know cuz I was thinking Koko’s they told us there’s gonna be black bears around.

So we’re now really on the lookout for them, and we found big piles of black bear food I don’t see investigator talking from the trenches French accent, and yet later with the cool cat screen that’s great your song casually swimming de la sorry many of the Turtles guys let me see them all little I usually bring a jar or bring them home choices we make eenie meenie miney mo saving the world look man I need Oh neato neato neato Bandido just the right size for this beat reader plus like must lost over – I married a week I told it I don’t know hold your breath, and compact this from we think this here is very very know that your leaders we’re trying to find this bad boy my hiccups scaring them away the sound of hiccups we have few mouths few more hours to kill, and we’re gonna go check out the Squamish cultural center just made a bracelet like this Cornish we’re done for today we’re heading back something.

So just the final stop of the day is we’re hiking up to Shannon holes, and already see it will show you guys a bit closer I gave you hi back at home let’s cut home I think it’s like 9 o’clock or something. But yeah we’re just going to have some food. Because we are super duper you are I think I’d like sausage thing rocked a hook like 11 mm-hmm yeah, and then we haven’t eaten since then yeah, and it’s like a two-hour to now I Drive to Whistler this was like a lot of traveling about hmm yeah well go make some food, and what you might be mm-hmm thanks ouch in goes if you’re new I think you should click comment, and I think you should leave us a comment, and like this post okay all right.

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