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Charles River Esplanade, Boston; (617) 523-1038

You’ve seen all those sailboats dotting the river on a sunny summer’s day. Ever thought about trying it yourself? Located behind the Hatch Shell, Community Boating has for many years made the joys of sailing affordable to all. You can join for a month, two months, or the full spring-to-fall season. Membership includes everything you need: instruction, boats and equipment, and use of the boathouse, with a snack bar and showers.

And, believe it or not, rates have actually gone down since Mine first reviewed them! A 30-day membership is just $65 amazing, even if you only go a few times. You can always bring guests along, too. A 75-day membership is $165, and the full season costs $215. Community Boating now offers windsurfing as well.

What’s more, they have a junior program that runs from mid-June through late August, and it costs just $ 1. Wow. Great, cheap way to keep the kids busy during summer vacation. It’s available to kids ages ten to seventeen, who must have parental permission and proof of swimming ability.

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