Washington Metro Map

As you gain the crest of the hill, you pass Washington Metro Map through an attractive arch of trees. The views hereabouts are absolutely superb. Looking back the way Washington Metro Map you came, you can see the massive conurbation of Brighton and Hove laid out before you, and on a clear day you will see as far as Seaford Head. To your left, as you walk, you will see the sea, and the large town of Worthing and its surrounds. To your right is the Adur Valley that you left behind not long ago, and although that ubiquitous cement works refuses to get out of the picture, it is somewhat dwarfed by the majestic downland scenery behind.

I walked this section on a very unsettled but extraordinarily clear August afternoon with blue sky above me but huge pockets of menacing black cloud on every skyline, and the occasional rumble of thunder, the thrill of the stormy surroundings only just outweighing the fear that I might not get my daughter, plus pushchair, back to the car before one of the clouds emptied its contents all over us.

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