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The layout and business approach here is almost the same as Curacao. On the other side of the island from the hotels is a club district of 31 bars called San Nicolas. The club owners import 150-200 Columbian girls to work in their bars. The girls send photos along with a health certificate from home, and the clubs pick and choose the best ones. Upon arrival, the girls receive another health check, and then rent rooms at the clubs for $30 a day. The girls do quite well under this arrangement compared to poverty-stricken Columbia, and the clubs foot the bill for their airfare, as well as health check ups. While working on the island, the girls require weekly screenings, and they have only 90-day visas and then they can’t return for a year…all approved by the local government. New meat every week. Turnkey sex tourism boys, and there are some extremely high caliber ladies to be found here…a buffet of Latin American coochie.

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Taxis are a rare find out here at night, and charge exorbitant rates, so rent yourself a jeep for a few days while on the island. The clubs utilize an in-house arrangement for sessions, either in small cottages behind the bars, or the upstairs rooms. The bar gets $10 per girl, which includes a few lady drinks, and a condom. The girls run $35 a session. The whole arrangement is low key, there’s no crime, and the island is beautiful. The girls speak Spanish only. Some of the most popular clubs you should visit are Chesterfield, Papa Ciga, Kiss Me Night Club, Ron & Menta Bar, Caribbean Club, China Clipper Bar, Minchies, Copacabana Bar, and the Bongo Bar. Frankly the names are unimportant, it’s a strip of clubs…that’s all you need to remember. Many times the bartender is the owner, so buddy up and ask for a chica recommendation from him.

The pack of nightclubs make up an entire area of town, so the best bet is to grab a beer or ten and walk around and take your time picking. Pop in one bar, pop out….the diamond in the rough decision will quickly become the half dozen diamonds in the rough. Some of the bars are open at 12 noon, and close at 12 midnights. Others open at 8pm and close at 2am or later, depending on the existing crowd. Some are open 7 days a week, some are closed on Sunday. Girls may be allowed to be taken out of the bars, but the bar fine is high. The professional approach is to take her for an in house test drive, get her phone number, and then pick her up the next day for a romp at your beach hotel during her off hours. Find a cutie that works at the bars that close at 12, and pull her back to your hotel beach. Apologize to her that you’re a little stressed out from all the paperwork maintaining your billion-dollar trust fund.

For day time action, rent a car and have your chica take you on a tour of the island, the girls love to take a break away from the club cruising during the day in convertible jeeps. Rentals are available at the hotel and are surprisingly cheap in comparison to the rapist cab rates.

You also have the option of escort services on the island, there are several found in the classifieds of the local newspaper. The cost is $100 in your hotel room, or if the wife is sleeping, $120 including a ride to a room elsewhere.

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