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Men who injure and oppress the people under their administration provoke Boston Map Tourist Attractions them to cry out and complain, and then make that very complaint the foundation for new oppressions Boston Map Tourist Attractions and prosecutions. I wish I could say that there were no instances of this kind. But to conclude. The question before the Court and you, Gentlemen of the jury, is not of small or private concern. It is not the cause of one poor printer, nor of New York alone, which you are now trying. No! It may in its consequence affect every free man that lives under a British government on the main of Country.

Courtesy Cobblestone Farm AssoCiATiON

The farm prospered as a result of the Campbell’s innovate farming approach and prized herds of Durham cattle and sheep. Life was good as the decades rolled by; then came the 1920s. Though much of America prospered, it was tough economic times for farmers. The Campbells were struggling but managed to hold on until the fire of 1924.

Mary Campbell, a child at the time of the fire, recalled the events of that tragic day. It was around sunset. Mary was in the kitchen looking out the window and noticed a beautiful reddish glow reflecting on the buildings. Thinking it was the setting sun she called her mother to see. When her mother got there, she immediately knew it wasn’t the sun. The barn was burning.

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