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The prisoners, guarded by a square of armed soldiers, Travel exclusive China were squatting in groups on the ground. The American whipped out his camera and took photos Travel exclusive China as we drove slowly past. The folly of such an action should be apparent to anyone who has spent time in the Third World or touchy countries. I don’t know how the security police discovered it was he but when they visited him they confiscated all his film. This, for a photo-journalist, is unlucky. He was also unlucky to have an arrogant nature, a showy temper and enough fluency in Mandarin to be able to insult the Chinese to their faces.

One newspaper article had described him as a sturdy young man with a hunched back and deformed, twisted foot. It was fitting, perhaps, that he would be buried near this old tree so out of place with the others.

Bev and Jeff had joined me at the grave site. The air was deadly still as I began my question. “Judd Crouch, were you involved with the murder of your father, and Eunice, and William?”

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