Exploring Bhutan A Journey into the Dragon Kingdom

Oh Oh Oh you let me tell you a story about a magical place where tradition is honored, and Happiness is measured a place that is relatively unspoiled by the outside world or an abundance of tourists, and one that left a lasting impression on me from the moment I arrived what arrived wild flight in through the mileage just touchdown it’s incredible airport beautiful. So far touchdown at the International Airport on a beautiful spring day, and late April where we breeze through customs, and we’re greeted with a warm welcome from our guides for the week, and just like that we were ready to go explore the country most of our time was spent between the two major cities of petrol, and timber while pero is quiet, and laid-back temple is more lively as the capital, and home to the king, and queen both cities however felt welcoming, and peaceful, and their unique culture permeates all things sports are highly valued grown men competing a national game of archery the kids playing cricket.

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And back out we also got to experience one of the King’s favorite pastimes mountain biking through many hills, and valleys across the region, and the commitment to art tradition, and religion is ever-present from trade school classes to small shops, and factories around meanwhile bustling markets provide an abundance of wild, and exotic foods from surrounding farms which eventually make their way out of the colorful plates homes, and restaurants alike zena’s flavorful spicy, and pairs perfectly with one of the delicious local beers that’s good. But to see the true beauty of this place we had to leave the urban environments for greener pastures waiting just beyond the city limits top, and along the giant green hills are the incredible Buddhist monasteries, and ancient fortresses known as songs which make this place.

So special from the massive Pharaoh song, and it’s great walls, and beautiful views of the valley below to the punakha song which is perhaps the most beautiful structure I’ve ever seen, I’m not God for look at this thing Wow, and it’s a bustling hub for monks, and government officials, and then there’s a fertility temple, and all of its symbolic surroundings run our way up to the fertility temple here, and when I got, and there are just dicks everywhere it’s real interesting. But as they say part of the culture here Frank nothing weird a lot of triumphant dicks people come to this particular temple to seek names for their children receive blessings for the sick, and pray for fertility.

So I thought it would be best not to touch anything here. But resting high above them all lies a structure that defines this magical place one where its location, and sheer existence are something from a fairy tale it’s simply known as the Tiger’s Nest it’s absolutely incredible up here Wow this is the dragon Kingdom this is Bhutan you. But Shalu casa da nija Z not make intro. So Nagisa mother come Yama’s.

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