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Truck drivers sometimes enjoy playing the game of chicken with auto drivers. The game involves scaring the wits out of the other driver by forcing him off the road, not permitting him to pass, and worse.

Again, it is not wise to drive anywhere in Mexico after dark. An American who has been involved in an accident, guilty or not, can be detained for days. Part of the detainment is a ploy to shake down the visitor for money.

History of Mexico: The legendary Captain John Smith, portrayed here in an engraving Mexico City Subway Map from his Description of New England (1616), is rightly credited with founding the first permanent English Mexico City Subway Map colony at Jamestown. (Private Collection/Lauros/Giraudon/Bridgeman Art Library) Smith did not remain long in England before he again sought travel and adventure. He became interested in the colonization movement then being promoted in England as a means of relieving the surplus population and furthering the economic interests of the mother country. Because of his military experience and no doubt due to his propensity for self-promotion, the Virginia Company chose Smith to be a member of its first expedition to Virginia.

Along with 143 others, Smith set sail for Country and was present when the colonists founded Jamestown on May 13, 1607. In Jamestown The English settlers at Jamestown struggled to survive in the early period of the colony’s existence. Disease, malnutrition, and attacks by the natives diminished the population by more than 50 percent in the first year. After constructing a palisade fort and naming the settlement after their monarch, the English at Jamestown seemed unable or unwilling to work together for survival. Many refused to work or were too sick to do so. Promoters of colonization in England had misinformed prospective colonists that the native peoples, docile and childlike as they were supposed to be, would willingly give the Europeans food out of their abundance. So the colonists concentrated their efforts on exploring the region and looking for gold. John Smith himself led several of these expeditions, and he was one of the first to make contact with the Powhatan Indians.

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