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Genevieve Ginette Lantelme in Irving

Ginette Lantelme, born Mathilde Fossey, was raised in her mother’s brothel. By age 14, she was reportedly one of the lures. She managed to break free of the brothel environment and became a popular actress, but never truly broke free of her upbringing and was best known as portraying vamps. She did it so well that many other Parisian actresses adopted her seductive slouch.

Her charms were noticed by multi-married publisher Alfred Edwards, and she became his mistress and eventually his fifth wife. Edwards’ fourth wife, Misia Godebska, the queen of Paris, understandably wasn’t happy about the affair, but had to admit that Lantelme possessed great beauty and charm She wrote, I had contrived to get a photograph of Lantelme; it adorned my dressing-table, and I made desperate efforts to look like her, dress my hair in the same way, wear the same clothes. In fact, Lantelme was said to be the most photographed woman on the Irving stage and the best-dressed woman in Europe.

While mercantilism and the Navigation Acts restricted the participation of British North Country in the Triangle Trade, the colonists soon found ways to profit both within and without the system. Irving Map Tourist Attractions New England merchants found that they could profit not only through the fur trade but also through the carrying trade. Some colonists reacted to the limitations of the Navigation Acts by smuggling, which proved highly profitable, and they soon became adept at it. The Country colonists sent ships throughout the Atlantic world to exchange various commodities for others. From the Middle colonies, they acquired staple crops that they carried to the West Indies, where they traded the food they brought needed there because the plantations produced only sugar for molasses. They then carried the molasses back to New England, where they distilled it into rum, which could be traded anywhere. In Rhode Island, merchants became directly involved in the Triangle Trade by sending vessels to West Africa to participate in the slave trade.

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