Nuggets Boston US Map & Phone & Address

Nuggets Boston US Map & Phone & Address

486 Commonwealth Ave. Boston; (617) 536-0679

1354A Beacon St. Brookline; (617)277-8917

Of Kenmore Square’s many used record stores, Nuggets has always been one of the largest In recent years it has both spawned a branch in Coolidge Comer and moved its original location into newer, even more spacious digs.

You can find plenty to choose from in all formats. Rock is their primary seller (including lots of local bands), but there is a good selection of jazz too. Most CDs are in the $7 to $10 range; Eric Clapton’s Crossroads was seen here for $35 and that’s a four-CD set There are new discs mixed in too, usually $11 to $12:

Tons and tons of vinyl is priced from $1.99 and up. Plus music videos, T-shirts, posters, and even old copies of Rolling Stone for a buck apiece.

One drawback about Nuggets’ cassette section: Every kind of pop music rock, jazz, soul, etc. is mixed in together, alphabetically by artist. Most stores don’t do that. Nuggets doesn’t even do it with records and discs. Oh well.

The Brookline outpost is smaller and more cramped, but draws from the same overall stock as its parent store. It’s hidden down an alleyway between Beacon Street and the big parking lot behind the movie theater. Both stores are open every day; downtown, until 10 P.M. each night but Sunday.

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