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Little did I know having Sturgis and the Harley Davidson Anniversary Blow-Out in the vicinity would prove so vicious to my great idea of ‘not making reservations’ so we’d have more options on our travel and how we spend our time – you know, not having to make specific destinations each night, or traveling further than planned if desired…

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Or traveling much further than desired because there’s not a vacancy for hundreds of miles.

Arriving late in the evening at Custer, Wyoming in preparation to hit Mt Rushmore in the morning would’ve been a great idea – had we been able to find a room anywhere near Royal City as planned. Instead we got to pull into every hotel, motel, and place that might rent rooms asking if they had any units left – until finally passing the Rushmore area and going further down the road where we were finally able to land a room at almost nine o’clock at night (at only a 15% premium over the maximum posted nightly room rates). On the bright side, we got to see the presidents preparing for bed as we drove throughI would’ve rather found a room.

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