Bizzy’s, and forever Hey guys we are at the airport when I got home though we’re actually catching an hour plane oh my gosh one sec oh my godness it was so busy outside anyway we’re the airport, and we going to catch a one-hour flight to Siem Reap actually going to be spending the rest of the week volunteering in Cambodia which is pretty awesome. But first we need to get through a flight, and probably a long drive today there’s a little bit of a travel day today, I’m really looking forward to it I love checking out these different volunteer projects and, I’m excited to go back into Cambodia. Because I really did love that country the goodest.


So I love little planes they’re so cute, I’ll stick Saturday, and wanna bail all again member dad night sounds they lied they said you’d never leave me this is so cool a little setup of Angkor Wat I am so happy to see this bag when we were checking our luggage in at Ho Chi Minh City for some strange reason the guy just wouldn’t put my bag on the conveyor belt it’s like sitting there ageism or reading just to make sure it goes through, and he was like it’ll be fine we’ll be fine then when it asked is like can you just put it on, I’m like starting to stress like what if you just forget to put my bag on, and then we lose it listen often is a trouble day today yeah like a really mean customs guy getting my visa I use like yelling at me in his language whoo mm-hmm. But we’re back in Cambodia back in Siem Reap, and we should be getting picked up soon yes hopefully this doesn’t set the tone for the day is not a good morning, I’m kind of hungry though. So not even a custom vibe Jess Elise this customs guys, and grumpy well if I see our names anywhere I think, I’ll Drive us a little bit running late. So that’s fine for us. Because I was going to ask him to stop food anyway.

So at least this way we can take one restaurant let’s go front of mark yes Clio you’d be. So jealous right now look how big tears that is gone I can have a glass of tea yeah I got just a black coffee at the moment. But, I’m so getting summer there it’s a good teacher nothing better yes I’ve missed the tuk-tuk sorry ma best way to get to a project. So we are just doing like an extremely quick pit stop we’re moving from tuk tuk to car. Because we need to go for a few hours to samurai on that’s a long travel day again we’re so sorry guys it was kind of cool we drove past like old hotel in the coltec. So we came when we first did, I’ll stop here my memory yeah super memories all right guys the travelling is over it is currently 4:30 in the afternoon, and we started our day at 8. So that was a very long travel day.

So I do apologize we’ve just gone for a little walk we’re at the place called Sam wrong I’ve just come to like stretch our legs, and stuff. Because we haven’t really been outside today. So, I’m breathing the fresh air it is actually really nice to be back here in Cambodia I do really love going to small villages like this rather than the big cities you know. So it feels feels good to be back, and have nice calm streets again little peace, and quiet little greenery, and less skyscrapers even though we’re in Cambodia like less than a week ago I don’t if you guys have ever redone a holiday before like we’ve done barley like three times, and every time you go back you almost feel like you’re going down memory lane always felt like that when we came back I was like oh this is so exciting that we’re revisiting Cambodia even though it was even though was really speedy. But I hambone yeah I had that feeling this is our humble abode for the next two days. So just give you guys a little bit of a heads up of what we are doing.

So we are working with got eco here in Cambodia making some posts to them for some of their volunteer projects which is again the best job in the world I love it I love getting to do this kind of work it is awesome. So we’re going to be checking out two of the volunteer protractor in the next week one is a community involvement program where you’re teaching English working with the community, and being involved with it I don’t really know we’re going to find out tonight. But, I’m guessing it’s sunny through with that, and the second one’s really interesting which would be a little bit later in the week, and it’s helping rebuild temples is this feisty like wreath yeah temple preservation how can that sounds a pretty awesome never experienced anything like that before we already saw how beautiful the temples are in Cambodia. So, I’m really excited to check it out, and help out with that stuff that’s really really awesome on a scale of like 1/2 extremely hungry, I’m so excited for dinner right now gosh, I’m on above the spectrum of hunger, I’m hoping there is some, I’m actually back into the Cambodian local food guys, I’m back into it, I’ll probably be back on pizzas in a few days time. But at least for tonight, I’m gonna try the cuisine to get any healthy I know we need to be I am officially. So full ate way too much watermelon for dessert. But we just had our little briefing we are tomorrow going to assist some of the local teachers with teaching English to the students, I’m so excited yes Jessa’s teaching mode is going to come up again.

But yeah it was really nice just to kind of get a brief, and just hear what we’re going to be doing yeah I think the next few days are going to be way more interesting today was such a travel day to get back into Cambodia. So we apologize that. But get ready for some awesome posts especially if you’re very interested in volunteering like we are if it, and again that’s it see any Hey guys night you.

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