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So after about a year of saving and a year of never going out with my friends, well maybe I’m exaggerating a tad, I was finally able to save up enough money to afford an amazing holiday to the place I’ve always dreamt of going, New Zealand. A lot of my friends have been to Australia and ventured over to New Zealand for a short time, but for me I’ve always found New Zealand the most attractive option of the two! I’ve read about their culture, their food and their nightlife and decided that was the place for me to spend my year’s worth of holiday money. I went all out on this holiday trust me! I searched for Luxury hotels New Zealand and luxury restaurants in the area, wrote down my checklist of places to visit and things to do and I was on my way. Here are some of my highlights from this amazing trip to both of the New Zealand islands!

North Island

Now I’m not much of a spa or beauty person, but I was recommended by a local guide to check out some of the geothermal wonders in New Zealand and I choose the mud pools and mud baths in Rotorua. It’s such a strange but really nice sensation. It just feels slightly weird being covered in mud up to your neck but actually I started to enjoy it after a while!

I would also recommend going surfing. I happened to mainly be staying on the west coast beaches and took a few lessons from an instructor whilst I was there. I was actually getting pretty good at it by the end of the holiday! It was nice that the water was relatively warm also. Nothing like the ice cold water we have in Brighton, UK!

South Island

Ok so I’m not really one for heights but I’d heard about this flight that some tour operators do that takes you over the Fox Franz Josef Glaciers and I figured it would be one hell of an experience. It takes place over the West coast of the island and the flight wasn’t even as bumpy or as scary as I thought it would be. Some of the views were simply amazing. I got a ton of selfie’s taken up there also!

My last highlight of my trip to New Zealand was to go on a nice walk throughout the island. There are these categories of walks called The Great Walks and 6 of the 8 reside on the South island. Suffice to say I didn’t complete all 6 but I managed to do a section of one of them. I completed 1 day of the Heaphy Track route, which happened to be the longest, but probably the most interesting section. Some of the scenic views were amazing and something you’d only really see on a postcard!

Listen, I could write another 15 articles about how great it was and other highlights that I did. However, I’m conscious that it might not be the most entertaining thing to read so I’ll leave you with these highlights here and know this; you have to visit New Zealand before you die. You won’t be disappointed!

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