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Hey from Porto Portugal it is still raining it’s been raining all night, and it’s supposed to rain all day today, and as far as I can tell it’s the stream ok tomorrow just going to see how it goes, and head out in the rain, I’m at a Cathedral right now it is still raining I just had breakfast in a really adorable cafe I can say that photographing much less taking post is extremely difficult in the rain, and just being sure to keep the camera underneath the umbrella, and yeah it’s pretty hard. But I definitely want to explore 0.08 I just said that it’s raining. Because um I mean I don’t mind the rain I would be fine with walking around in the rain it’s just that when you put a camera into the equation that sounds a little different Porto is the absolute perfect town to walk. Because it’s very tiny.

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But it has all of the kind of everything that you would hope to find in a you know beautiful European town it has so much character, and history, and the streets are absolutely beautiful it’s so small you can even walk over to the next town which I really want to do. But I don’t know with the rain. But yeah, I’m just going to try, and make the best post I can here the streets are so cute, and come to this area where there are a lot of monuments it’s very misty it started raining a little I think it’s going to start again this antique fire engine here we hold fire it’s back here the wind is really picking up I don’t know how much longer, I’ll be able to be out in this I’ve kind of found a shelter from the wind right now. But it’s been like blowing my umbrella everywhere. But look at this I found the most amazing like little maze of a kind of street built out of stone I guess they couldn’t just make a corner trying to find the way to a bridge which I see right there. But I don’t know how to actually I have found the fridge, and see about going over it it’s really windy and, I’m really afraid for my camera it’s really windy, and stopped raining for a second. But uh I just picked out a last log, and I think I have to head back.

Because there’s no way I can have the camera out of this weather much left to drive next closed today buildings have been just swamped not there now ruined. So breaking news it is stopped raining outside and, I’m going to go out for a little more exploring it is really such a relief to be able to use my camera, and not have to worry about the rain hello I am back from exploring at night it was so nice to go out, and see the city with all the lights, and not have to worry about it raining with my room comes what is really the signature of this city which is port port wine I don’t really drink it’s just not something that I particularly like enjoy or not enjoy it’s just kind of something that’s whatever to me. So I don’t normally drink. But this is free, and it’s here in my room and, I’m in the city that’s like famous for making it. So I think that I should try it it is a tawny port which I had to read up on it it means that it was aged in a wood barrel for at least two years, and that it was made in Portugal this is one of the only times that I met probably ever going to drink red wine oh it’s actually good it’s really sweet yeah really good um. So Cheers it has been a great time in Porto, and I really love the city it’s too bad that it was raining for most of time.

But um I will move on to my next Portuguese City tomorrow bye.

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