Brazil Carnival 2018 Preparation in Rio de Janeiro

Tavia where we school we’ve got the band warming up the drums are sitting down there people are just starting to come in I have a couple beers see what happens okay to 3:00 in the morning great night Samba dancing. So, I’m gonna decide to Sabrina Sato she’ll – Sabrina Sato very famous here Brazil we got to see a lot of good dancers they’re getting all jazzed up for Carnival great night we’re gonna catch a bus back to our side of town this is Javier let’s go goodnight.

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Bonito Mother Natures Playground – Travel to Brazil

My bike Brazilian countryside absolutely beautiful, I’m tired sweaty. But you keep going this is really really nice I just went to the bun you check out the cows check out me with a name like bonito this place has a lot to live up to.

But with waterfalls, and rivers like this it might be possible let’s go see if the place they call beautiful lives up to its name come on the small town of bonito is talked away in the southwestern state of mato grosso the swamp, and has been one of the most recommended places I visit by Brazilian friends. So on my first day in town I ventured out to go see what makes this place. So popular my first stop was the Eco Park of orthodontia taking the surrounding rivers, and waterfalls, and enjoy all of its natural beauty from there I wrote over the bumpy road to Seoul for a little early afternoon fun in the Sun with the day quickly fading away I made the journey back to my hotel to rest up, and get ready for the night as luck would have it I was in town the same weekend is a very important annual event here in Bonita.

So I jumped on the back of a mole of taxi, and made my way over to the Brazilian rodeo okay the next morning I was up early to visit the Gila pratik ecological reserve where I take part my most anticipated activity of the weekend thanks to the enormous amount of limestone the ground are on beneath it the water passes through a natural filter that leaves the rivers to be some of the clearest, and most transparent in the world I was fortunate enough to reserve one of the limited daily spots to snorkel down the river, and witness this stunning scene firsthand from under the water to up in the air after a few hours of floating down the river we dried off, and made our way to Paco that’s how to add us aka the sinkhole of the macaws this giant hole in the ground was once covered cave. But when the roof collapsed many years ago it became an incredible sanctuary from a cause, and other wildlife after two full days of adventure I spent my second, and final night walking around downtown bonito where I called up some fellow travelers that I met earlier a day to come meet me for a few shots the locally brewed picasa standing there discussing the time of bonito, and reflecting on the past 48 hours I realized that I barely scratched the surface, and everything there is to see, and do in the area. But I didn’t need to stay long to understand how this place got its name it truly is absolutely beautiful or should I say well neat though.

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