Alright guys.

I just got off my Greyhound bus. I arrived here at South Station in Boston I’m so excited to go explore Boston let’s go shall we Boston you’ve really impressed me this is.

So pretty. So, this is kind of my plan for Boston we are going to be doing a bunch of walking tours around the city because Boston’s one the oldest cities in America and. So it has an amazing architecture that.


I want to take advantage of. And explore, but they love historic old building particular Boston Commons we’re gonna check out some other architecture. And then head into the harbor also.

I didn’t know that Boston is a huge University City like seriously is a Harvard, you got MIT you’ve got boss the university’s got a bunch of other colleges that are scattered around the city most the time of being mistaken for students while being here in Boston that’s okay we’re in the Boston Common right now not Boston Commons which. I’m pretty sure. I called it earlier dating from 1634, this is the oldest city park in the US.

I mean, it’s even got a carousel also right next to me is a public garden which has squirrels. And ducks when I ask people what.

I should do in Boston the number one thing people recommended was to do the freedom trout. So we’re going to do the Freedom Trail now with the Freedom Trail is is a 2.5 mile walking path that takes, you along 16 of the country’s most significant historical landmark now we’re not going to do all 16 of them because that’s a lot we’re going to do some of them.

And right now. I’m just kind of planning through this map that. I’ve purchased well we’ve done this one chick.

I was worried. I was gonna be following this map pretty poorly even though. I’m actually kind of good with maps, but this makes it.

So much easier a line on the ground that. I could follow, it’s a red brick road on the yellow brick road a red brick road first up we’ve got these Massachusetts State House now the original owners John Hancock’s which was the first governor of Massachusetts. And signer of the Declaration of Independence that is huge travel and, this is Boston’s first burial grounds, it’s actually really pretty an area find regards.

So like pretty eerie days on the term. I don’t. I don’t even know what kind of emotion.

I’m trying to convey here but I feel like, this is great self-explanatory old they all lock key party might have heard of it my ring a bell of familiarity the Old South meeting house, this is working on it is the site where the Tea Tax protest took place which eventually led to the Boston Tea Party which led the revolution. And America declared independence from Britain pretty big bills this building right here.

I don’t know if. I should touch it. I’m not going to touch it.

I’m not reading the old Statehouse take a Boston’s oldest surviving clique building a lot of stuff happen here. I have fallen in love with Boston guys. I want to move here.

I’m serious. I’m pretty sure Boston just become my favorite city in the u.s.

, you know what not every city in the u.s.

I’ve been till a lot of major ones. I hope, you enjoy exploring with me obviously, this is everything, you do in Boston is is just a little bit of a teaser a taster to get us, you know a custom welcomed and. I know I’ll definitely be back maybe well done alright guys.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this bus trip series. And following along with me from New York to Boston if you enjoy these posts please give them a thumbs up let me know down below. And don’t forget to comment to my youtube blog for more travel posts fighting alright see, you guys again soon.

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