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On this week’s We Hear, we’re all about the life of the single traveler. US News and World Report recently wrote that one in every five traveler has recently embarked on a solo international leisure vacation. Single travel has been popular for ages. What’s changed since is how technology has made going solo so much easier. With apps like Hotel Tonight and Airbnb, you can book worldwide accommodations at any price level with just a click of a few buttons. If you’re going to Asia, look at popular Airbnb competitor TravelMob, which has a huge presence in Asia for owners looking to rent out their villas and apartments in countries like Vietnam and Thailand. If you’re heading to India, the booking site to use is OYO Rooms, which helps you book anything from a hotel room, ranging from the budget to ultra luxe, to a room in a private house, or an entire apartment, in 178 cities across the country. So now you’re on vacation and you’d like to make some friends. Just because you’re traveling solo doesn’t mean that you still can’t Tinder.

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Take advantage of the Passport option that allows you to change your location and swipe right on cute locals. Or try Tripr, another travel dating app that sets matches for you based on different predetermined criteria. But Tripr also lets you access local’s recommendations on everything from places to eat, to things to do and see. After you found your travel buddy, check out a new city with the app Likeways, which helps you navigate your way to your destination. But unlike the usual mapping algorithm that focuses on the shortest distance between point A and point B, Likeways maps out and suggests other stops along your way, based on the preferences that you’ve set in your app. Incidentally, we also just heard that Megabus, the popular bus travel company which has transported over 50 million riders across the country in the last decade, is celebrating their 10 year anniversary by planting 10,000 trees along their routes and on college campuses. Sean Hughes, Director of Corporate Affairs, explains that a recent study of their riders found that traveling alone is the number one way their customers travel. So, check the routes online, book one of their $1 fairs, and tinder when you get there. Or just turn to your seat mate, they might just be single. That’s it for this week’s We Hear.

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