THE PERFECT BEACH Fraser Island Australia

Guys right now we’re just bored our fairies take us over to craze or island world heritage site largest animal hey guys.

So right now we are going on a four driving tour of fraser island off formula you’ll awaken your own solid because all roads are made of fat like that, you see the color tan absolutely intensive a lot of very very recent operations still vivid in color the longer, it’s been exposed elements along roads have to oxidize dull off okay dad’s hot pink sports yellows King Ivan absolutely welcome to Lake again. So lake mackenzie is one of 40 perched dune lake that are on fraser island now a perch student lake is a lake that’s basically sitting on top of a dune of sand yeah. So all this or underneath all this water is an ethnic color blue is like Mackenzie.

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So is she sort of came back. And then doubled back to the top of the heat then we’ve come around to Central Station here now what we’re going to do from here is after the rainforest walk down beneath there is make our way up to you’re on. And then head down the beach all the way down to the bottom down to the barge landing which is down there officers a lot more see.

And do, but, it’s 123 pace from theatre today we are going on a nature walk through Fraser Island through the rainforest here on the laser look, it’s actually has the perfect amount of vegetation here consuming it is an island of sand oh my god is the biggest party. I’ve ever seen in my life if it jumps no tarantulas don’t jump, it’s not trench laser oh that’s funny Cosette my song, it’s fuzzy. I just wanted to.

So many more spider oh my god. I did, it’s the biggest butter. I’ve ever seen critics everybody has into our washroom oh oh my god just gonna throw it oh my god you’ll find to catch it yeah.

I’m very impressed. I’m very bright yeah well as it poisonous as. I said my tongue would have what um, you should do that yeah that’s a good idea any for this huge, it’s crazy alright put them away away far away okay do.

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