Truffle Hunting and Wine Experience from Florence

Today, we’re off to Tuscany to hunt through the forest for truffles. Then, we’ll have a decadent truffle filled lunch at an Italian villa, and end the day at a 15th century winery. So we’ve headed off into the forest in search of truffles. So cute Choco’s off sniffing out the truffles. So you’ll literally be trekking through the forest, it’s an immersive experience, super refreshing. Oh, did Choco found one? Choco found a truffle. Woo. We found our first black truffle. Yes Choco. You can smell both the earth and the distinct scent of the truffles.

Truffle Hunting and Wine Experience from Florence Photo Gallery

Sign of a good lunch. I’ve definitely worked up an appetite, so now we’re heading inside the villa for lunch with truffles. Oh my goodness. It’s so beautiful. This is lunch set for a king and a queen. Food is an art form in Italy. Simple flavors. Not too much on the fork. You have to enjoy every bite, and it’s an experience. That is delicious.

Next stop the winery. I am here to give some advice to approach wine properly. Okay. There’s a reason that food and wine pairings are so important, for example, the tannins from the wine, actually, draw in the fats and it expands the flavors. It’s so cool. I didn’t realized that there’s such a science to drinking and eating. But I’m into it. Salute! What a spectacular day. We started off truffle hunting with Choco through the forest, then we had a delicious lunch in an extravagant Tuscan villa, and finished off the day perfectly at a winery with this view.

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