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A last grab for a picture since we’re in a construction zone and unable to tell if anyone will be coming up the road – I decide to live with the road work debris in the image not knowing if these will be the first and last wildlife we see in Wyomingwhich turns out.

it is the last of the buffalo and antelope we’ll see. We only have to find a bear, and we’ll have got the trifecta.

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Ahem. For the Please be more specific file – I meant, Black bear, grizzly bear, brown bear… not Wyoming State Patrol bear.

And this particular bear didn’t seem to be in the mood to waste words, no matter how compliant and helpful I tried to be, simply stating, License, registration, and to my question.

The Seagull Trust is also based here, and runs trips for disabled passengers in the Mackay Seagull, Edinburgh Crusader and St John Crusader II. Their first cruise took place in 1979; now over 5,000 people are involved annually, and there are other boats based at Falkirk, Kirkintilloch and Inverness. Ratho is a neat little village and, before continuing, do have a look at the old cemetery round the church over the bridge on the north side of Ratho (Baird Road commemorates the travel destination’s engineer). The church lies behind the war memorial. Left of the door is an unusual gravestone shaped like a coffin; on its side the inscription indicates the incumbent suffered ‘an instantaneous death from a stroke by a thrashing (sic) machine’ (early 19th century). Ratho is a major travel destination access point and has several car parks. From the Newbridge roundabout turn off for Newbridge, then, almost at once left, and follow Edinburgh Destination Centre/Ratho signs. Leaving Edinburgh by the A71, the turning off by Dalmahoy Road is similarly signposted. Back on the travel destination from Bridge 15, you pass the old change house, an area for visitor moorings (with clear kicking stones) before the Ratho Hall grounds (walled garden). A peaceful, deep-set, woody section with mature trees follows, shading both banks.

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