5 Best Apps for Road Trips

On this week’s We Hear, gas up the car, it’s time for a road trip. The profound artist Drake once said sometimes it’s the journey that teaches you a lot about your destination. Well I assume Drake was talking about that journey via road trip. Before you put the pedal to the metal and hit the open road, download these apps for a more memorable adventure. When you’re considering committing to a road trip, you want to make sure that it’ll be as efficient as possible. TravelMath is an online calculator that helps you do just that. If you’re debating between traveling via the open road or the clouds, you can utilize the side-by-side comparison of total travel costs for both driving and flying.

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This way, you can be sure that a road trip is really the best way to get from point A to point B. One of our favorite apps for any car journey, whether just down the highway for groceries or for a longer one across state lines is Waze. This social travel app can accurately give you the fastest or shortest route to your destination by collecting travel data while the app is open. Waze also learns that users preferred route towards a frequent destination, while also finding the cheapest gas station along the way. And, since users can see live updates of their buddies who use Waze, your friends can track your progress and know when you’re just around the corner. Check out the website Road Food while planning your route. The site maps the best food throughout the U.S. from small town cafes to seaside chats and everything in between. Road Food is perfect for finding the colorful local spots that you wouldn’t normally find.

Launched by Jane and Michael Stern, the Sterns’ have won three James Beard journalism awards for their monthly column in Gourmet magazine, which took readers to the best restaurants in small towns and cities all across the country. But of course, the point of hitting the road with your friends is so that you can bond over pre technology entertainment, like a rousing game of I spy and punch buggy, or, mix music with embarrassment with an app like Karaoke Anywhere. Your passengers can play any tune in the database while you try to sing along without looking at the words. Karaoke Anywhere requires a monthly fee to unlock the over 10,000 songs in the database. And if you brought your car along on vacation to a city where parking is at a premium, like New York, Chicago, or Boston, download the app Spot Hero, which enables you to reserve and prepay for a spot from your smartphone at more than 2,500 parking lots in major cities around the US. A similar app to consider is Best Parking, which steers drivers towards the cheapest and most convenient parking in over 100 cities throughout North America. It’s like Google specifically for parking, what could be easier? That’s it for this week’s We Hear. Don’t forget to buckle up and never text while driving. Travel Savvy and see you next time!.

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