Hey everyone I have two little girls that you need to meet are you ready come over here I say what’s your name hey Bailey, and what’s your name what’s your name hey Kendal this is Bailey, and Kendall, and they’ve been princesses for the day yeah they’re princess gonna show them your spin ready extent oh do you know why is it a special day today what is it today your birthday whose birthday is it it’s fixed it’s Bex Earth Day today. So yeah. But Bex birthday we are about to surprise her with a new birthday present, I’m just gonna be coming up to Vegas with us they were excited to show her, I’m sorry about my voice the little rascals have a cold they’re giving a different survey, I’m dead.


But we are going to a theme park today it’s cool it’s called lagoon apparently it’s like Six Flags you guys black slips uh-huh Emma unfix oldest daughter she was showing us give me Stephen yeah this is like seeing like a lot of roller coasters should be a good day I think we’re gonna be sending the morning playing with these two thank you guess who’s here just by the car sounds here oh we’re going out to lunch to the Olive Garden for Beck’s birthday, I’m here Adams here he respects favorite restaurant and, I’m pretty sure it’s a favorite reminded any favorite dress Oh Vic, I’m her an MSA restaurant I’ve been one time in New York and, I’m pretty good better than Denny’s drinking of course you doing good Liguori are you excited for some roller coasters No. So it’s pretty cool yeah never ever this place my voice is getting worse. So, I’m sorry. But um yeah, I’m excited I don’t know what rolls first we’re gonna go on we have a bigger place. So let’s hope the first one, and see how we found our first ride I don’t even know what it what is it it’s a roller coasters are old we’re gonna try, and do it ya know be dropped okay, I’ll do it let’s see – some broken shadows I am lost in the field no it was not a death ride hi guys just some of these, I’m not going just tapped out off the spider we just did the wink arrived I liked it this good, and I’d like really clear my sister if you watch your sister you will love this place it’s good next, I’m gonna do one with a double my was good we did double that was the most jest right come on Jessica kiss my I don’t know what we’re in there’s no straps all I’ve got is the Bears I don’t know just to talk about thus far ha thinking all the bed Oh all right hi guys this is the ride we’ve been waiting for it’s the newest ride here, and it’s not just 180 degree it’s like it’s dropsy like honesty, I’ll show you it looks good look scary, I’m excited you excited that was the best roller coaster I’ve ever be amazing this was new. So serious any like a wacky around. But that that 200 degree drop was insane, and then I kept doing like looky-loos twists I think we need to go do it again great to yeah I didn’t get it forever company back there alright guys lots are outside you some airplane thing at all we upside down, and everything.

So we come athenian it’s proper to be lower like it see I tell them on it cuz, I’m with machine of how to love me made hi guys we have left lagoon which was an awesome theme park a lot of your favor you’ve been to cause like Disney Disney one Universal more attractions. But this was roller coasters I loved it. But we found out it is cheesecake day. So we go on to the Cheesecake Factory for half-price cheesecake you see you one more kill my today suit I try to get it down guys we’re trying to get to the Cheesecake Factory, and always stuck inside a closed shopping center, and we don’t know how to get out cuz this is the way that we parked, and imagine you tripped an alarm yay well there’s a cheesecake factory okay this place is so cool uh-huh this is nice it’s pretty Cheesecake Factory half-price cheesecake I’ve never actually had cheesecake from the Cheesecake Factory. So this is perfect, and it closes at 11:00. So we have to rush.

So talented looks amazing we’re officially all in Cheesecake comas and. So I want to take a knife, and like guys working enjoyed it yeah Stephens a little bit sick as you can tell tomorrow morning we’re going to go for a hike with Sarah back. So hopefully Stephen enjoying us if he’s feeling okay for the moment he said he wants to come we’ll see in the morning how he feels look a night guys, and we will see you tomorrow bye you.

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