MEDIEVAL MAYHEM Maribor Slovenia

Welcome to Mellie board Sofia yes here um.

So Sylvania is really cool place a very small country. And two million people live here. And just.

So happens that we have distant relatives that live here. So we have my mom’s cousin and. I get to be like half cousins.

I live here right step yes. I’m sorry by staying with them. And showing us around the beautiful town of about Agora second biggest city in slicking yeah, it’s really cool out there will be a camera.

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So where are we now Mary would that it were India via the heart of the city Town Square Oh oh my goodness how many are there. I they knows because. I was there gnomes are four sons whoa Oh versus oldest guy in the world oh this one’s mine are, you spying tree in the world leave Albert’s famous quote there’s actually looks like there’s three different trees.

I kind of make it up was it 450 450 years old that’s old why probably really fine fine City not not one Oh fine fine, but make good wine make good wine. So it is a super big muddy boar football fan. So hates decked out in Tim Geer let’s go your new team cheer board for football that’s our you’re no football fans 450 450 for 700 way smooth wanted.

And 44 left right left Oh than halfway standard yeah. I think I’d be at least half way how’s that why are we telegin huh. So, it’s a view the reason behind the steps here is to protect people from the Black Plague when it swooped over Sylvania.

So 450 first steps. And you’re safe Stephanie, you gotta look like the biggest fan ever hmm. I’m representing today, you are.

I am not quite representing up because. I got a scarf not quite the right rather first scarf, it’s like almost 30 we say like 20 odd knots probably 25 oh, it’s definitely 38 we did just like a bunch of steps though. So it in a lot of sense, it’s a kind of not quite able to judge temperature at the moment, it’s tough right go go go cheer go cheer for my war Nick what’s a pink football team no big football team in the world nope in the world, you you feel it now that needs to be a pain football teams like in here, but Def’s keep bad Instagram which is living castle that’s pretty boy, it’s in a mountain oh my god your face is getting covered with raindrops oh yeah cuz, it’s raining yeah, it’s me oh mrs.

chairman. I went besides origins is well she’s gone into the cave. ?

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