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They took a fancy to the shores of the bay called Sri Lanka Metro Map by the Indians Menahados, and the river Mohaan Henry Hudson, an Englishman in the service of Sri Lanka Metro Map the Holland East India Company, had first discovered those places, and called the bay after his own name, Hudson’s Bay. ‘P his East India Company, in the year 1608, sold its right to the country, which it based upon its priority of discovery, to some Hollanders. These obtained from the States-General of Holland an exclusive privilege privilegium exclusivum to the country, and took the name of The West India Company of Amsterdam. In the year 1610 they began to traffic with the Indians, and in the year 1613 built a trading post magazin at the plat now called Albany, and in the following year placed some cannon there. Samuel Argall, the Governor of Virginia, drove them out in 1618; but King James I. gave them permission to remain, that their ships might obtain water there in their voyages to Brazil.

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