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0.0 The trail begins at a large sign set back about 30 feet from the edge of the road. Here the trail enters a jack pine plantation and travels southeast along the east rim of the Dark River valley.

0.3 Trail makes a U-turn at a point along the ridge. Seventy-five feet beyond this point, the main trail crosses a small wet weather stream. After the trail ascends back onto the rim and into the jack pine plantation, there are views of the meandering river below.

0.4 Trail comes to a point providing a good view of river bends and the bottomlands.

0.5 Trail intersection. The main trail turns sharply left and a faint trail descends to the right. The latter is heavily overgrown on the valley floor.

0.6 Point providing more views of the Dark River.

0.9 Trail intersection. The main trail turns left while a faint spur trail on the right descends to the riverbank in about 100 yards.

1.0 Trail intersection with the Old Woods Road. Turn left and return to County Road 688 and the trailhead via the Old

Woods Road.

1.7 Trail intersection; bear left passing the trail on the right.

1.8 Trailhead on County Road 688.

When Hutchinson began to express increasingly liberal ideas in her lectures, expounding upon the sermons of Puritan minister John Cotton, and then began to emphasize the individual’s need to rely on his or her own inner light for appropriate spiritual guidance in the Christian life, Winthrop stepped in. Not only could this new society not tolerate such heretical ideas, he could not allow the authority of the ruling theocracy to be usurped. Significantly, as a woman speaking in public on such topics, Hutchinson was even more of a threat to the underlying patriarchy as well. The ensuing Antinomian Controversy, which raged from 1636 through 1638, condemned Hutchinson, her family, and many of her followers as heretics and resulted in many of these colonists’ persecution and eventual excommunication from the established church, as well as their banishment from the Massachusetts Bay Colony. It was not only Puritan dissent within the colony that concerned Winthrop. Best destinations USA In 1643, the governor demanded the capture of the radical Puritan preacher Samuel Groton in Rhode Island and ordered him and his followers brought to Boston for trial and sentencing on charges of heresy. By 1646, Presbyterians faced heavy persecution in the Massachusetts Bay Colony as a result of their advocacy of more liberal rules concerning church membership.

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