Visitors to Colombia usually go to Bogota, the capital, which sits at 8,630 feet, where the weather is never warm, often cool and overcast. Bogota has South America’s largest hotel, the Tequendama, with 1,040 rooms. It is relatively safe from revolution, being owned by the military’s pension fund. Major tourist attractions in the country include the Bogota Gold Museum, the National Archeological Park at San Augustin, and the Caribbean resort of Cartegena, with its massive seventeenth century fortifications.

Flights to Bogota, Barranquila (Colombia’s major seaport), Cali, and Medellin are easily arranged from the United States. Cali and Medellin are leading industrial centers. Colombia, with twenty-seven million people, is the third most populous nation in South America, after Brazil and Argentina. Bolivia and Colombia are known to be the origin of major cocaine smuggling into the United States.

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