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On my way back to the hotel the sky ahead went China hiking map yellow and minutes later the air was thick with dust that swirled violently in every direction; China hiking map the wind roared, and when I glanced ahead I
couldn’t see a thing, and my eyelashes became matted with grit.

The next morning I went by bike to buy fresh hot bread (crusty and unleavened) for breakfast but the baker I’d found the previous day only had cold bread so I refused to buy any.

After cycling around town I still hadn’t found any hot bread and, not wanting to lose face by going back to a baker I’d refused I dived down a side avenue. There I noticed the smell of fresh bread coming from a small clay oven; the baker was just opening for business, and to go with the bread I picked a few ripe mulberries from the trees outside his shop.

In the shade of the trees two blacksmiths were shoeing mules. This interested me because I’m an amateur at shoeing.

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