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All area hospitals were destroyed or severely damaged. The control Ghana Map Tourist Attractions tower and other structures at Toussaint Haiti Earthquake This map shows the epicenter of the January 12, Ghana Map Tourist Attractions 2010, earthquake that devastated Haiti. Louverture International Airport were damaged. So was the city’s seaport facility. Both were unable to receive aid shipments in the days immediately following the earthquake. Roads were choked with rubble, making surface transportation difficult to impossible within the city and elsewhere.

For years, Wendi has attempted to research the death of this man but could find nothing in local newspapers. Her only thought is, at the time, no one wanted the Whiting’s grand opening darkened by such a sad story. As a result, this tragic accident was intentionally omitted from the papers. Without a name or even specific date, it is impossible to research.

Fortunately, we were able to speak with a long-time employee of the Whiting, Ken Harris. He has served in various capacities over the past 39 years and is currently the house electrician. Before that, his father had served as a theater stagehand. If anyone knows the history of this place and what happened over the years, it would be Ken.

Ken Harris has been involved with the theater for a long time and knows much of the history.

We asked him about the death of the workman. Though Ken hadn’t been there at the time, his father had. In fact, his father was one of the men assigned to finish the job after the worker’s death. It occurred sometime in 1966 or 1967, not long before the opening of the Whiting auditorium.

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