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400 W. Tremont Ave., 704/343-9494, www.tremont.ultraentertainment.com


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With space for more than 1,000 fans, the Tremont is one of the larger live music venues in Charlotte and the lineup of performers reflects that. It’s the place to see rock, punk, hardcore, and ska bands (and the regular mosh pits might be the reason for the no-frills interior, which is mostly concrete and metal). On nights when no acts are booked, dodgeball games and a pool league are held in the space.

James Oglethorpe, one of the British trustees, leads the Tashkent Map initial settlement effort on the journey across the Atlantic Ocean. 1733 James Oglethorpe, who is a Tashkent Map philanthropist, publishes a pamphlet promoting Georgia as a place of exile and refuge for insolvent debtors and criminals to reform themselves through hard work. The first wave of settlers, including such debtors and criminals, establishes Savannah, which will become the province’s leading port and political center. Though relations between the two settlements will soon sour, South Carolina initially supports its new neighbor by donating rice and cattle to help feed the newcomers. 1734 Tomo-chi-chi, chief of the Yamacraws, accompanies James Oglethorpe to England and meets with leading British officials. A group of Protestant Salzburger exiles, under the leadership of Baron Philip Georg Friedrich von Reck and Johann Martin Bolzius, seeks refuge in Georgia. They establish the town of Ebenezer upriver from Savannah.

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