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Set amid beds of white Meidiland roses and French lavender, San Bernardino Subway Map the hospitality center and boutique winery suggest an elegant, old-world farmstead. Built in 2010 San Bernardino Subway Map , the barnlike structures sport steeply pitched roofs and cut-stone walls. Despite the traditional appearance, they represent the latest in green building practices, including the use of rainfall catchment systems and recycled materials. Inside the hospitality center is an octagonal tasting bar with a gleaming copper top. Pendant lights illuminate the bar and a casual seating area. Proprietors Pam and Dick Niner founded the winery in 2001, after purchasing Bootjack Ranch, 150 acres of primarily Rhone- and Bordeaux-type grapes located nine miles east of Paso Robles.

On Horseback Toward Lake Thukada

BABY BOTmE, powdered milk, diapers. These made for a very strange load, at least compared to what 1 was used to seeing on a packhorse. Everything was designed with her in mind: the two-seater saddle, a hot-water bottle for the winter, our daily rhythm, the horses chosen for their docility . . .

Montaine, our little daughter.

Montaine. She is our little queen, who entered the forest at the age of eighteen months and emerged a year later, talking. About what? Bears, wolves, the northern lights, ice, sled dogs. She spent a year looking with absorption at a picture book, the full-scale book of nature. And every day, with her help, we added a new chapter.

We jumped from page to page on horseback through British Columbia toward a big lake I call “Thukada,” where Diane, Montaine, and I would prepare for winter by building the cabin of our dreams. When the cold came and froze the country hard

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