Tower Records Boston US Map & Phone & Address

Tower Records Boston US Map & Phone & Address

360 Newbury St. Boston; (617) 247-5900

95 Mt. Auburn St. Cambridge; (617)876-3377

Huh? What’s this doing in here, Mine? Tower may be big, they may be open 365 days a year and all, but are they cheap? Well, not necessarily for current tides although they always discount the entire Billboard Top 100 by a coupla bucks.

But many shoppers aren’t aware that Tower has a vast selection of cutouts as many as 5,000 titles! These are overstocked titles that won’t sell at full price anymore. Many of these cost $2.99 to $4.99 for big-name artists like Stevie Wonder and Prince (sorry P, don’t have that symbol-thing on the computer).

Jazz cutouts are located in a separate section; same deal for classical, and for cassette tapes. The tape selection may be smaller, but you can often find good stuff for $3.99. No cutout LPs, though. Both stores are open daily until midnight

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