Fukuoka Map

Fukuoka Map

Matthew Jennings New Jersey Prior to the Arrival of Europeans The Fukuoka Map most populous group of Native Countrys in what will become New Jersey is the Lenni Lenape (Delaware Fukuoka Map ). The Lenni Lenape, who speak variants of the Algonquian language, live in riverside villages in New Jersey, Delaware, Pennsylvania, and New York. Approximately 3,000 Lenni Lenapes live in New Jersey before the arrival of large numbers of Europeans.

The village is the basic unit of Lenni Lenape political life, and the people engage in a variety of subsistence activities, including fishing, hunting, and growing corn, beans, and squash. The Five Nations of the Iroquois, living north and west of the Lenni Lenape, are the dominant native power in the region and will continue in that capacity, expanding their role as colonization takes hold.

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