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This purchase the Governor shall always, with all his power Argentina Metro Map , keep intact, and thus bring these families under the jurisdiction and government of Her Royal Majesty Argentina Metro Map and the Swedish crown; especially as we are informed that they themselves are not indisposed thereto; and should they be induced, as a free people, voluntarily to submit themselves to a government which can maintain and protect them, it is believed that they might shortly amount to some hundred strong.

But, however that may be, the Governor is to seek to bring these English under the government of the Swedish crown, inasmuch as Her Royal Majesty finds it to be thus better for herself and the crown as partners in this undertaking; and they might also, with good reason, be driven out and away from said place; therefore Her most Royal Majesty aforesaid will most graciously leave it to the on of Governor Printz so to consider and act in the premises as can be done with propriety and success. 7. There is no doubt that the Holland West India Company will seek to appropriate to themselves the place aforesaid, and the large tract of land upon which the English have settled, and the whole of the above-named east side of the Great South River, and that so much the rather as their fort or fortification of Nassau, which they have manned with about twenty 20 men, is not very far therefrom, upon the same eastern side of the river; just as they also make pretensions to the whole western side of the aforesaid South River, and, consequently, to all that of which our subjects aforesaid have taken possession, which they have seized, relying upon their Fort Nassau, whereby they would take possession of the whole South River, and of the whole country situated upon both sides of the same river. It is for this that they have protested against the beginning which her beforementioned Majesty’s subjects have made in settling and building; and, so far as they could, have always opposed and sought to prevent our people from going up the South River and past their Fort Nassau. Therefore shall the Governor take measures for meeting the agents and participants of said Holland West India Company in a proper manner; and with mildness, but firmly, remonstrate, and make known to them the upright intentions of Her Royal Majesty and her subjects in the premises, that nothing has herein been sought, or is now sought, other than a free opening for commerce; that Her Royal Majesty’s subjects have, in a just and regular manner, purchased of the proper owners and possessors of the country that district of which they have taken possession, and which they have begun to cultivate; and that they cannot, therefore, without injustice, oppose Her Royal Majesty or her subjects, or seek to disturb them in their possessions without doing them great injury.

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