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The bar, a reclaimed four-inch-thick slab Zambia Map Tourist Attractions of Douglas fir, rests atop retired wine barrels. Wrought iron shirt racks and room dividers lend Zambia Map Tourist Attractions an old-world touch to the intimate space. For sale in shades of tan, gray, and black, fedoras festoon the walls, lighthearted reminders of the Mondos’ Sicilian heritage and their playful regard of visitors as family members. MONDO CELLARS OF SPECIAL NOTE: Tasting room is pet friendly. Friday night Sunset Happy Hour, 5 – 9 P.M.


around us, we could then set off with our dogs over the frozen trails.

In the meantime, we had our horses to deal with, four of them, which we had carefully picked from among a thousand others in the nearest city. We wanted them to be experienced, older rather than younger, and above all extremely gentle. Diane rode with Montaine on a saddle that was especially designed for her, but the tired child most often slept, gently rocking, on her mother’s back.

Otchum, our old friend, was given the important task of warning us of danger, and the danger we feared most was grizzly bears. You mustn’t go too near their young or their fresh kills, and above all you must avoid surprising them. Grizzlies don’t wake up in a good mood. Otchum ended up becoming Montaine’s tireless playmate. In fact he spent most of his time with the girl, watching over her with a rare and very moving affection.

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