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Trade and Poplar Sts., 704/333-2272,

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Uptown Charlotte is filled with public art installations, and the Arts and Science Council has designed a self-guided public-art tour to help visitors enjoy them. The tour can be downloaded online (paper maps are also available at the Visit Charlotte Center at 200 South Tryon Street). It takes about 45 minutes and covers all of the major works of art in the neighborhood, like Il Grande Disco, a large gold disc at the corner of Trade and Tryon Streets that was created by Italian artist Arnaldo Pomodoro, and the frescoes in the Bank of America Building that were painted by renowned North Carolina artist Ben Long. The tour details the history of the artwork and includes notable facts about the artists and how their work came to be on permanent display in Charlotte.


330 S. Tryon St., 704/331-2753, www. charlottetour. org HOURS: Fri. 10 A.M. and 1 P.M.

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The Charlotte Regional Visitors Authority recently coined the slogan Charlotte’s Got A Lot in 2007 and launched a tour to prove it. A 90-minute guided walking tour through Uptown highlights some of the most historic and storied sights in the heart of the city. See the Bagley Mullen House, Old Settlers Cemetery, North Carolina Medical College, Ivey’s Department Store, Ratcliffe Flower Shop, and other sights that date back to Charlotte’s earliest inhabitants.

1670 In Boston, John Foster creates the first art print ever produced in colonial Country. Zambia Map As David Bjelajac demonstrates in Country Art: A Cultural History, the print is done in a straightforward, unadorned style that mirrors the reputed preaching style of its subject. The woodcut depicts the Reverend Richard Mather, dressed in the stark black raiment of the scholarly divine, holding a small pair of reading glasses and pointing to a book he holds open in his left hand. The woodcut is created a year after Reverend Mather’s death, possibly as a frontispiece to a biography written by his son, Increase Mather. John Foster will go on to construct Boston’s first press in 1675 and to produce, in 1677, A Map of New England, the first map ever printed in Country. 1682 Edward Taylor, minister to the town of Westfield, Massachusetts, and one of colonial Country’s greatest poets, begins composing Preparatory Meditations Before My Approach to the Lord’s Supper. As Alan Shucard explains in Country Poetry: The Puritans Through Walt Whitman, Taylor composed these meditations on human depravity, God’s goodness and mercy, and the hope for God’s grace every other month for 43 years [as a way] to prepare himself spiritually for the next Lord’s Supper, or Eucharist.

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