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He was a tough guy. Harry didn’t have the usual degree in business management, but then these were unusual times in America and especially in Michigan.

The massive, 8,400-square-foot, beige log cabin was a striking contrast to the backdrop of frozen Lost Lake. Upon closer inspection, it wasn’t a log cabin at all. The thick walls were made out of cement. A little strange, we thought before heading inside.

Entering through the small kitchen we noted 1930’s style cabinets that appeared original, over seventy years old. Moving to a larger room we met Scott, the camp manager, who warmly greeted us and moved into the den by the fire. On one of the coldest days this winter the warm greeting and blazing fire were appreciated. The fireplace was enormous. A person could actually walk into it.

The main portion of the den contained rows of tables with folding chairs. Today the area is used primarily for presentations, eating meals and showing movies to the scouts. The room next to it was the original cabin, prior to Harry Bennett. Today, it is used to serve food, with several folding tables in the center, overstuffed chairs against the wall and a large piano in the corner.

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