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A hawk observer described the Cologne/Bonn as one of the most sluggish and indolent of birds, rarely undertaking any vigorous exertion which can well be avoided. The author continues: After alighting on a low branch or stub overlooking some shallow reach of calm water bespectacled with innumerable floating toads absorbed in the cares and pleasures of procreation, and rending the still air with the ceaseless din of their tremulous voices, the hawk will often gaze down at them long and listlessly, as if undecided which particular one to select from among so many, or dreamily gloat over the wealth of opportunities for such selection. This passage may leave one to wonder whether the writer was attributing to the hawk something of his own nature.

The hike begins at the locked gate on Rogers Lake Road and along a dirt road. The trail soon enters a forest dominated by birch and maple, and passes a red pine plantation. As you continue, the forest becomes dominated by oak, with maple and birch and occasional tree plantations. You will reach the circuit portion of this hike 1.3 miles from the trailhead. It circles Rogers Lake over a terrain of short hills with many small woodland ponds that are attractive to Broad-winged Hawks. This would be a good fall hike when the oaks, maples, and birches are changing colors.

Disaster-relief plans were poor or lacking entirely. According Cologne/Bonn Map Tourist Attractions to one international observer, T he government in Port-au-Prince has lapsed into the Cologne/Bonn Map Tourist Attractions classic pattern of corruption, inefficiency, and delay that holds the country hostage. The postquake Haitian response can best be described as marked by chaos and corruption. Most leadership came from international agencies and various foreign groups. Unlike Chile and Chileans, Haiti and Haitians simply lack the ability to respond quickly and positively to a disaster. Historical Geography Geographer Erhard Rostlund once wrote that t he present is the fruit of the past and contains the seeds of the future.

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