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Parliament’s Revenue Act, usually referred to as the Sugar Act, replaces the Molasses Act of 1733. Mumbai Subway Map The new act lowers the duty on molasses, but heavily taxes sugar, coffee, wine, and other luxury goods in order to support the British Army in Country. It also more closely regulates Country exports to Britain in general. The Act is more strictly enforced than the Molasses Act, and arouses great resentment among the colonists.

1765 The British Parliament passes the Stamp Act, imposing a tax on printed matter in the colonies. Efforts to establish hemp in the colonies intensify as Parliament establishes a bounty on it. Edmund Quincy’s Treatise of Hemp Husbandry is published by command of the Massachusetts Assembly. It contains material on European and Country hemp raising, including an account of a large hemp-raising project at Salem, Massachusetts. Tench Francis’s Considerations on a Paper Currency is published.

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