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The argument got more heated. I was intrigued by the Travel China norway force of anger being displayed. In our society it would have turned into a brawl long Travel China norway ago, but these two were maximising the art of verbal abuse. The quarrel raged for an hour, the bus-driver refused to start, while the sun rose higher and the air grew dusty. Finally the men did grab hold of each other and start to fight. One of them was thrown off the bus, and we set out along the road towards Kashgar.

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. Another twelve vessels are recorded as having foundered on Crumstone in the last hundred years, so it is possible that part of the wreckage in this area may be from some of the other wrecks, nearly all wooden ones. A narrow underwater ‘bridge’ links the Crumstone with the first of the Callers’ islets at the southwest corner of Crumstone, but the tide races over the top of it. On its seaward side is an eight metre channel fanning out in two directions, full of debris from a wreck or possibly even part of the Helmsdale. There are rusting steel plates and lots of framework under which lobsters and cod can often be found, while the glint of brass among the brown weed makes it a good rummage dive. Anyone interested in having a close encounter with grey seals should be quite happy in this vicinity, as the young pups often frequent the area, especially when divers are around. If you stay close to the bottom in the channel, which is covered in short brown seaweed, the current is fairly mild and even more so on the ebb tide. Two hundred metres seaward of the channel in the last dive (15) are huge rounded, weed-less boulders split by deep gullies with depths of around 15 metres plus. The current increases significantly the further east you travel and it turns to a NE direction towards the Longstone on the ebb tide. Dense shoals of coley very often patrol around the reef perimeters but otherwise it is not a very interesting dive.

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