Wedding in Los Cabos, Mexico

We want to incorporate local touches into our wedding decor without looking obvious or cheesy. How can we pull this off? THE PRO In the past 15 years, Sarai Flores has established Signature Event Consulting & Design as the most sought-after destination-wedding team in Los Cabos, Mexico.

Here’s a rule of thumb: If you’ve already seen something dozens of times, pick something else (mini Patr³n bottles as escortcard holders are so last year!). If you can, go on a decor-inspiration mission to the locale. Go to the markets and visit fabric stores, interiordesign stores even art galleries for an idea of the destination’s vibe and color palette. Ask what the destination produces, what the local fl ower is, and go from there.

We recently worked with a client who wanted the wedding to feel very Baja, but not in a typical Mexican fi esta’ way. My suggestion to her and to all my couples, especially for Los Cabos was to visit the talavera stores, full of colorful, painted ceramics in Baja colors and patterns. You’ll fi nd fun, colorful charger plates, salt-and-pepper shakers and multicolored glasses for pops of color on your guest tables.

You’ll probably fi nd unexpected and, often, inexpensive items for favors never seen on a Pinterest page before!

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