401 Bay St, Toronto, 416-861-6996 CUISINE: Canadian DRINKS: Full Bar

SERVING: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner PRICE RANGE: $$


This casual eatery offers a Canadian-inspired menu featuring global dishes.

Menu favorites include: Chicken potpie and Duck Poutine pizza.


D., during the reign of Ida, Bamburgh Castle was the ancient residence of the Northumbrian kings. oswald, a seventh-century Anglo-Saxon king, was the greatest and kindest of all the Northumbrian kings and the first Christian ruler to live there, from the year 605 until 642. He took over the throne from his uncle, Edwin, a Christian, later made a saint, who had been killed in battle on Hatfield Moor in Yorkshire just the previous year. After Edwin’s death, the people reverted to paganism, so when oswald came to power, his first serious task was to re-establish the Christian faith in his kingdom. He employed the help of Aidan, a well-known monk from the island of Iona and also later canonised, who quickly converted the people from their heathen ways. To show his gratitude, oswald appointed Aidan the first Bishop of Lindisfarne and the pair became good friends. one Easter Sunday, while they were sitting down to dinner, word was brought to the king that many poor and hungry people had gathered outside his palace. oswald immediately ordered that all the food prepared for him should be sent out to them and that the silver dish on which it was served should be cut up and divided among the poor. The king’s kindness impressed Aidan so much that he grasped his hand and blessed him, saying, ‘Never let this hand consume or wither!’ oswald reigned for only eight years because at the age of 37, on 5 August 641 or 642, he was killed in the Battle of Maserfield fighting King Penda of Mercia.

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