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Argentina is the world’s eighth largest country, covering almost the entire southern half of South America. Buenos Aires, a buzzing metropolis of three million people, is located in the north, and is the most European of all Latin American cities. With its wide boulevards, stunning gardens and parks, grandiose buildings and varied culture and nightlife, the city is reminiscent of Paris or Barcelona. The Portenos (‘people of the port’), as the residents of Buenos Aires are called, seem more European too – but this is rational as in reality most descended from Europe, predominately Italian immigrants who settled here in the 19th century. Their unique culture followed them from overseas, as well as their fabulous cuisines. As far as culture, the city is home to countless art galleries, theatres and museums, as well as fine restaurants.

For the visitor from abroad, there has never been a better time to visit Buenos Aires. Devaluation has made it an incredibly cheap city to explore and enjoy. For exotic travel, you’ll find beautiful waterfalls, nestled amongst some of the world’s tallest mountains. Normally cuisine is not mentioned in this book, but BA has some of the best food in the world, particularly their meats and Italian food. Make sure you eat at least once at Cabana Las Lilias, which will serve you the juiciest tasting steak of your life for a little over $10. There’s a buffet of hot Blonde meat strolling around in that area as well. Recolecta, your home base, is extremely convenient, with everything close by in walking distance, the strip clubs, discos, bars, cafes, restaurants, stores, subway, and the hotel of your choice.

Buenos Aires is a busy capitalist trade center, but it’s kept squeaky clean and cosmopolitan. The official language is Spanish. The women tend to be gorgeous statuesque blondes, who take pride in living life in a sophisticated fashion. This is true of the girls you’ll be chasing as well. If you’re the type that dresses up in Gen X garb and gets shitfaced and loud, you will attract no one, no matter how much money you have. Well, that’s not true, all women are whores for the big bucks, but it certainly won’t help your chances. Think big city Europe and you’ll have a feel for the town and women.

For daytime eye candy, BA has an abundance, since it’s considered the shopping capital of South America. Two of the most exclusive malls are Galerias Pacifico, Calle Florida and Calle Cordoba, and Patio Bullrich, Avenida del Libertador 750 and Posadas 1245, which are overflowing with supermodel blondes checking out the latest boutiques of Argentine fashions and international labels. The main drag for upscale stores and leather goods (their specialty) is Calle Florida, located in the city center.

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Climate :

Spring is September to November, fall is March to May. Winter is 35 degrees daytime to 55 at night. Average January temp, is 84°F, and the average July Temp, is 57°F

Getting there :

Buenos Aires’S airport Aeropuerto Internacional Ministro Pistarni is referred to as Ezeiza, located some 35km (22 miles) west of Buenos Aires. Argentina’s major airline is Aerolineas Argentinas (tel: (Oil) 4340 7800; website: ( www.aerolineas.com.ar )

Getting to BA, there’s a shuttle bus service for $12 which runs every 30 minutes. The local bus 86 to the city center is much cheaper at $1.35 (coins only), but it takes up to two hours. Taxis set you back $25+ for the 30-minute journey to the city center. Use one of the official taxi firms located at the airport.


From New York is 11 hours; from Los Angeles is 16 hours; London is 13 hours, and from Toronto is 13 hours.

Entry Requirements :

A valid passport and a visa if needed (check this with your consular authorities or our diplomatic authorities). Passengers from not bordering nations with Argentina don’t pay customer tax on personal effects and new products for a value under $300. If this goods were bought in a free shop you have additional $300.

Departure tax :

A tax of $7.50 for domestic flights (payable in Pesos only) or US$30.50 for international flights, due on departure.

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