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The lounging and sleeping area was a raised platform occupying most Best China travel destinations of the room. Its inside was made of clay or stones and heated in winter by Best China travel destinations flues from the kitchen stove. What a sensible idea. We drank tea from porcelain cups and listened to Radio Pakistan by lamplight. My picture postcards were passed around and the family wouldn’t let us leave until after supper, which was deliciously tender hunks of steamed mutton. Later in the evening our host took us to visit some of his friends, and among them was an old man who played a flute made from the hollow wing-bone of a big bird.

I reset the camera, removed and replaced batteries. No luck. The darned camera was stuck on nightvision. It was impossible to record in daylight. I’ve had this camera for two years and never had a problem.

Well, no panic, I thought. Bev had brought the back-up video camera. I went to our gear bag, pulled it out and clicked-in the fresh battery, switched it on and waited. Nothing.

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