When you make posts you kind of after a while especially if you make posts almost every day you develop a sort of style.

Because that’s just how you live your life, and it’s like okay, I’m going through my day how would a are post this how would my dad post this how would my brother post this, and it’s different for every person, and the thing that I love most about making these posts is the monologue I love just sitting down you know if I have some thoughts or I want to just say something sitting down, and having a nice morning monologue. So on that note is the what day is today when I travel I forget the dates. Because it kind of all blurs together how could I forget those two Friday it is Friday today November 4th 2018 from the beautiful Los Angeles California where the Sun is always shining it I haven’t seen a cloud since I’ve been to Los Angeles every single day I mean grand I’ve only been here for three days every single day sunny clear 75 degrees mm-hmm, I’m awake lots of coffee need to do some editing some emails, and then today is a cool day, I’m so pumped for today you’ll you’ll see what’s gonna happen today my friend is actually going to be here in about 15 minutes I guess the secret guess not. But the reason I say a secret guess the reason why I say secret guests in the post is to give it a little bit of suspense. Because I feel like if you just tell everyone reading this what’s going to happen throughout the day it kind of takes the fun out of reading the post.

Map of LAGUNA BEACH Photo Gallery

So, I’m going to continue second Seger guess if I have to pack all this stuff up so much stuff focus are you ready for your reveal yeah this is the big moment revealing the secret guest the one the only Jeff Larson what’s going on have you remember from the Maldives Jeff, and I were on a boat for about ten days surfing every single day best trip in a long time, and he lived down in Laguna, and he has invited me down there for the weekend. So just chill, and see Southern California you’re gonna get in the waters can be great if we get stuff you don’t realize what la traffic is until like yo May, I’ll be 30 minutes 40 minutes, and even last night getting to my hotel was like traffic’s a thing here yeah yeah, and just like we were talking about yesterday’s I hate we need to be getting on the road before two o’clock no matter what Oh big question I think a lot of people want to know this what is the chance that we will see the sex pistol cystal sex pistol on we’re going to cruise by the office, and see if we could come to the beach with us, I’m still, I’ll see you today.

So for everyone out there who is dying to see my ex-roommate Matt Larson he will be making an appearance in this post pretty soon. But we’re just chillin with driving some goona now we have some kombucha jeff has a green tea. So I suck at driving Eric wants to go grab some a now. Because he’s never had it before want us to pick you up, and yes then we are you want to drive. Because I suck at driving. So I don’t know if you heard any of that conversation. But I have never had in, and out burger in my whole life.

So we’re out to do that for lunch, I’m gonna go get Matt get some in, and out, and go serve in the the full rated R version what is in, and out like know without having to censor my syllable don’t say is sex in your mouth beautiful you animal style title of this post sex in my mouth tells you right behind a lot too late Oh it was tough to Billy a. So freaking tall we have found a wild Matt Larson my ex-roommate from the Maldives okay yeah we have arrived in Laguna Beach California we’re at Casa de Larson we are chilling right now in Laguna Beach it’s it’s really interesting. Because you know I grew up on I what I watched Laguna Beach I watched the hills all those kind of MTV shows to see Laguna Beach in person it’s more children LA if that’s even possible it’s just yeah alright look look at what, I’m looking at it’s cool to have you come down. Because that makes us appreciate it more. Because if you look at you still have the boards in the bags from all of yours yeah well it’s like anywhere you can’t just get used to anywhere, and then when you have like fresh set of eyes you’re like oh man home is pretty sick yeah specially let me do like this perfect day yeah this is we gotta grab some boards get down there, and all right look at this we have the whole quiver lined up what should I go with you think what would you recommend something bigger we can’t put that in all right let’s head into the garage gonna go get the boards check this out we’re gonna take the golf cart down to the beach this is the board, I’m gonna ride this soft top right here nice, and easy kind of ease back in the surfing oh, and what do we have right here what do we have here we’re party nice just some kegs casually hanging out in the garage it’s so crazy the beach is probably 500 meters away maybe what we’re still driving super lazy that’s a tight squeeze right there yeah you’re gonna make it just strainer out oh there you go, and just like that we are down at the beach empty Laguna Beach there’s no one here weather’s terrible right now that’s why everyone’s acting houses it’s a little cold yeah I mean for here I think it might be warm. But it’s six that’s what I just said is Jesus okay ready catch it you ready go down get it. So many people have been asking about you the sex pistol all the comments are about the sex pistol Oh God also we haven’t revealed yet Jeff has a twin brother yes shame tomorrow he may or may not start tomorrow’s post.

So be on the lookout for that awesome curry dude are we doing this doing right now is Eric sorry had a high ball four. So we’re gonna turn the camera around oh yeah awesome being peer pressured. But yeah crazy Katie sorry sorry sorry not sorry are we doing this is good let’s get a let’s get like a little whiff of it to see what it smells like Matt that’s not a shot glass oh you shouldn’t ask me up there no, I’m we’re out of chakra this’ll goes 200 percent on everything cheers to you Ben, and Kelly yeah she’s your help with your solo gonna cheers to look good on that side like this yeah yeah oh good god. So it was awesome. So this mess all tonight, and now we’re trying fight of all who knows what’s next we did again yeah that’s good cool mom of the year right here baby Katie don’t worry baby oh gosh don’t you dare call our crazy first lightly going off to a very very good start starting off slow Laguna good. So easy. So these are my friends yes mom in the we’re taking over the fireballs sorry about your show today we’re taking fireball shots with Jeff’s mom we’re at this rooftop bar, and Laguna just having some margaritas just chilling out here tomorrow’s a beach day right for work maybe yeah we’re gonna hit it early we’re gonna wake up at sunrise tomorrow I should before sunrise get some work done go get breakfast workout hit the beach the energy in Southern California you have to be here to kind of experience in the feel it.

But yeah killer day. So far we will see him run tomorrow from Laguna Beach California I hope you enjoyed the post if you did give it a thumbs up leave a comment down below if you live around Laguna, and maybe want to go out tomorrow night would that be fun that could be fun. So yeah we’ll see you guys tomorrow. So until tomorrow everyone smile more worry less, and live your passion.

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