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Founded in 997 AD by the Viking King Olav Tryggvason. Capital of Norway and chief ecclesiastical seat Ages, Trondheim is today one of the three largest towns in the country, with a population of 135,000. The area consits of forest and arable land. In its role as chief commercial, administrative and communication center of a large tract of country, Trondheim has developed into a major conurbation. Its architecture ranges from the well-known woodpanelled town houses of the merchant oligarchs of the past to the glass and concrete supermarkets and business premises of our own age. Trondheim is a pleasant town, with plenty of spacious squares, parks, and facilities for a varied open-air life within its boundaries. It has a wide range of well-appointed hotels, excellent restaurants, such attractions as the Nidaros Cathedral and the unique Musical Museum at Ringve, all making Trondheim a popular tourist goal as well as an ideal base for excursions to the surrounding countryside.

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