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The S.G. will by no means allow, Henderson Map that any are brought in guilty, and condemned, by virtue of spectre Evidence, as it Henderson Map is called, i.e. the evidence of these afflicted persons, who are said to have spectral eyes; but whether it is not purely by virtue of these spectre evidences, that these persons are found guilty, considering what before has been said, I leave you, and any man of sense, to judge and determine. When any man is indited for murthering the person of A.

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 360N 002 07′.596W and resulted in the loss of 13 people. The Bear was a 593-ton cargo vessel built and completed by Raylton Dixon and Co. of Middlesbrough as Yard No.137 in March 1877 for J. Watson and Co. of Middlesbrough; she was bound from Middlesbrough to Grangemouth with a deadweight cargo of pig iron. The Britannia IIII, which had reversed her engines, struck the Bear amidships with her bow and the Middlesbrough vessel immediately began to founder. A boat was quickly lowered from the Britannia and, with the aid of a lamp, two men were rescued, the second mate A. J.

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